We have found the following results:


View Record House Number Street Name Owner Name Meter Number
Details 283 Armstrong Place William Peterson 0
Details 288 Armstrong Place Robert Jake
Details 289 Armstrong Place William Lawrence
Details 292 Armstrong Place Greg Connor
Details 295 Armstrong Place Tom Sherwood
Details 298 Armstrong Place Larry Riggi
Details 302 Armstrong Place Beatrix Wadhams
Details 96 Brook Road Margaret Weider
Details 100 Brook Road Joan Robinson
Details 102 Brook Road Kenneth Bohn
Details 106 Brook Road Patricia Burdick
Details Catholic Cemetery Brown Road Catholic Church
Details 3325 Brown Road Mike Brandes
Details 3329 Brown Road Mike Brandes 33122014
Details 3333 Brown Road L. VanOstrand
Details 3349 Brown Road Charles Schramm 33121983
Details 3350 Brown Road URMC Lab 38351198
Details 3352 Brown Road Mark Coene, DDS 38351876
Details 3357 Brown Road Virginia Mancuso 38222405
Details 3358 Brown Road Richard Fisher 36099118
Details 3365 Brown Road Melissa Spath 38222432
Details 3366 Brown Road Dennis Cohen 36099107
Details 3233 Cameron Place Christine Mesiti
Details 3234 Cameron Place Anthony F. Criscouli 38368821
Details 3235 Cameron Place Scott DiLiberto 36085931
Details 3236 Cameron Place Arthur Benedict
Details 3239 Cameron Place Charles Schramm 33184478
Details 3240 Cameron Place Michael Bater
Details 3245 Cameron Place Gerald O’Donoghue
Details 3246 Cameron Place Melville Keenan
Details 3249 Cameron Place Larry Luckenbach
Details 3250 Cameron Place Michael Alexander
Details 3253 Cameron Place Jocelyn Georgiev
Details 3254 Cameron Place Christopher Carpino
Details 301 Center Street Richard Vascianni
Details 303 Center Street Helen Tiberio
Details 305 Center Street Helen Tiberio Joseph Esposito
Details 307 Center Street Charles Robinson
Details 309 Center Street Paul Day Jr.
Details 311 Center Street Deanna Houk
Details 313 Center Street ??
Details 319 Center Street Leonard Ranous 33108300
Details 323 Center Street Thomas & Sue Mills
Details 327 Center Street R-Net Corp.
Details 333 Center Street Chloride
Details 339 Center Street Hardwood Properties 36099556
Details 341 Center Street Hardwood Properties
Details 347 Center Street Kevin Scheg 33110848
Details 352 Center Street Specialized Printed Forms
Details 353 Center Street Phelps Beardsley
Details 357 Center Street Darlene Palmer
Details 361 Center Street Steve Palmer
Details 365 Center Street Margaret Turner 36099568
Details 366 Center Street Sunrise Health Ent.
Details 369 Center Street Darren Snyder
Details 372 Center Street Bill Schneider
Details 375 Center Street Jonathan Barnes
Details 376 Center Street Brian Quackenbush
Details 383 Center Street Empire Housing, LLC
Details 384 Center Street Brad Whitside
Details 391 Center Street Timothy Nothnagle
Details 392 Center Street Lisa Murphy 38223600
Details 3155 Church Street Caledonia War Vets 38222426
Details 3144 Church Street Laurence Schweichler
Details Church Street Dentist Office
Details 3162 Church Street Hardwood Properties 38369367
Details 3164 Church Street Hardwood Properties 38369368
Details 3165 Church Street John Freeman 36107441
Details 3166 Church Street Maura Lathan
Details 3169 Church Street Don MacKay
Details 3170 Church Street Steven Kocher
Details 3174 Church Street Richard Futter
Details 3177 Church Street U.P. Church
Details 3178 Church Street Anna Stevenson
Details 3182 Church Street Jamie Vokes
Details 3185 Church Street UP Church Parsonage 36107495
Details 3186 Church Street Janet O’Leyar (owner)
Details Christine DeMarco (occupant) Church Street
Details 3190 Church Street Laurence Schweichler
Details 3195 Church Street Robert Murray
Details 3196 Church Street Steve Ludlum 36091389
Details 3199 Church Street Robert Keeley
Details 3202 Church Street Jeffrey Deragon
Details 3205 Church Street Francis Morey 38369394
Details 3206 Church Street John Hanley
Details 3210 Church Street Kelly Ward
Details 3211 Church Street Cecil Knickerbocker
Details 3150 Church Street James Sickles 38368799
Details 3266 Clover Street Mark Rothrock 36099089
Details 3273 Clover Street Floyd Anderson
Details 3274 Clover Street Joseph Emery 38369402
Details 3277 Clover Street Timothy Anderson
Details 3278 Clover Street Robert Shaffer 38369373
Details 3279 Clover Street Beth Traber 38369369
Details 3280 Clover Street Rita Vokes 36087378
Details 3281 Clover Street Thomas Roberts 38471789
Details 3284 Clover Street Merna Cohen
Details 3287 Clover Street Edward Snyder 38369372
Details 326 Country Club Drive John Platt 38106757
Details 333 Country Club Drive Kyle Mackay 38213122
Details 3190 Crescent Pkwy John Nelson
Details 3194 Crescent Pkwy Robert Stella 38222384
Details 3195 Crescent Pkwy Robert Blair
Details 3196 Crescent Pkwy Jennifer Burnett
Details 3197 Crescent Pkwy Shannon Martin
Details 3198 Crescent Pkwy Sandor Balasi
Details 3199 Crescent Pkwy Sarah Santora
Details 3200 Crescent Pkwy William Sandvik
Details 3202 Crescent Pkwy Susan Walworth 38002064
Details 3204 Crescent Pkwy Karen Harris Wheeler
Details 3207 Crescent Pkwy Robert DeCamp
Details 3209 Crescent Pkwy Joanne Harrington
Details 3210 Crescent Pkwy Dan Jones
Details 3211 Crescent Pkwy John Ball
Details 3212 Crescent Pkwy Michael Schneider
Details 3213 Crescent Pkwy Terence Bazzett
Details 3214 Crescent Pkwy Kenneth Sayers 33108293
Details 3217 Crescent Pkwy Dean Manley
Details 3218 Crescent Pkwy Daniel Sherwood
Details 3219 Crescent Pkwy Thomas Lauffer
Details 3223 Crescent Pkwy James Heffer
Details 3224 Crescent Pkwy Mary Mooney
Details 3227 Crescent Pkwy James Heffer
Details 3230 Crescent Pkwy Judith Randall
Details 3154 East Avenue Steven McCowan
Details 3157 East Avenue Thomas Roberts 38222453
Details 3158 East Avenue Samuel DiLiberto
Details 3163 East Avenue Lou Giorgione
Details 3168 East Avenue Dan Parnell 38223427
Details 3173 East Avenue Justin & Elizabeth Dietrich
Details 3181 East Avenue Vicky Wood
Details 3183 East Avenue Charles Richard
Details 3184 East Avenue Robert Boyle
Details 3186 East Avenue Christopher & Jayne Denker
Details 3187 East Avenue Jerrie Davis
Details 3190 East Avenue Kenneth Embling
Details 3191 East Avenue Frederick Hermansen
Details 3195 East Avenue Joseph Clark
Details 3196 East Avenue Lance Nelson (owner) Scott/June Mead (rent)
Details 3197 East Avenue Matthew McFadden
Details 3200 East Avenue Dean Milliman
Details 3201 East Avenue Michael Kempa 33110681
Details 3204 East Avenue Daniel Keenan
Details 3205 East Avenue Sherry Krenzer
Details 3206 East Avenue Daniel Keeman.
Details 3207 East Avenue Brandon Bacon
Details 3208 East Avenue Judy Jacques 38213253
Details 3209 East Avenue Robert Attaldo
Details 3211 East Avenue Scott Roides
Details 3212 East Avenue Meg Geer
Details 3213 East Avenue Kathleen Hartness
Details 3214 East Avenue Joan Ruppersberger
Details 3222 East Avenue James Dollard 36107465
Details 3225 East Avenue Jeff Mead 38222351
Details 3228 East Avenue Gail Milner
Details 3230 East Avenue Gail Milner
Details 3232 East Avenue Gus Kovalik
Details 3233 East Avenue John Herkimer
Details 3237 East Avenue Bruce Hawkes
Details 3238 East Avenue Jason/Amanda Davin
Details 3248 East Avenue Melvin/Helena Robin
Details 3251 East Avenue Steven Canne
Details 3253 East Avenue Brian Mattice
Details 3254 East Avenue Nancy Heuer
Details 3257 East Avenue Tim Beavers 36209248
Details 3258 East Avenue Daniel Rowcliffe
Details 3261 East Avenue David Roll
Details 3262 East Avenue Susan Morrill
Details 3264 East Avenue Susan Brown
Details 3276 East Avenue Raymond DeVore
Details 3255 Ellen Place Kathleen Walsh?
Details 3256 Ellen Place Marie MacPherson
Details 3259 Ellen Place Leroy Swinehart
Details 3260 Ellen Place Francis Parnell
Details 3261 Ellen Place Kelly Herman
Details 3262 Ellen Place Catherine Hubbard
Details 3263 Ellen Place Charles Devlen
Details 3264 Ellen Place Barbara Kleinow
Details 3267 Ellen Place David Boop 38213154
Details 3268 Ellen Place Shirley Brignall
Details 3269 Ellen Place Connie Steedman 38369387
Details 3270 Ellen Place Sean/Grace Riddell
Details 234 Fairview Place Julie Adams 38222340
Details 242 Fairview Place Jenn Mattice 38213247
Details 252 Fairview Place Jennifer DeMarco 36099108
Details 424 Gaslight Lane Michelle Wilkin 33122468
Details 430 Gaslight Lane Dennis Wilkin 33122352
Details 278 Grand Avenue Anto Dole
Details 281 Grand Avenue Richard Kantowski
Details 282 Grand Avenue Larry Flynn
Details 285 Grand Avenue Garth Howard 36099565
Details 286 Grand Avenue Robert Mills
Details 289 Grand Avenue Mark Pullyblank
Details 290 Grand Avenue Donald Pullyblank
Details 291 Grand Avenue Pete/Nicole Maclauchlan
Details 293 Grand Avenue Donald Coyle 38368369
Details 294 Grand Avenue Georgene Rosengrant
Details 307 Grand Avenue Elizabeth Sherwood 36209750
Details 323 Grand Avenue Kenneth/Mary Reisig
Details 320 Grand Circle Kathryn Russ